Government: The promise of a young child

Governments have forever been plagued with the pesky question of what is the role of government?” Regardless of country, citizens all find one common answer, “to serve the people.” But reality tells us different.

In every democratic country, politicians spend election time attending town halls, rapping on doors, shaking hands, kissing babies, taking in every photo-op, and proclaiming that they are running to serve their constituents, because they are just like us! They make promises, like a young child makes to their parents when caught doing something wrong, but like that child, they have no intention to keep that promise.

A case in point is that of security of citizens. All politicians will say that they are committed 100% to the security of their constituents, but quickly after election time, they adopt the party line on redefining security. Just as Europe is now in crises, North America is entering its biggest security crises since explorers discovered the continent.

Today Muslims are becoming a conquering race. Everywhere they go their ideology is at the forefront, with no room for exceptions. The current situation in Europe is a never ending rolodex of rapes, murders, assaults and every other horrific crime possible. The inclusion of Sharia law, and no go zones in communities, has placed all at risk. The slippery slope of hyper-multiculturalism is reducing security and worse of all, government are knowingly failing their citizens with total neglect. The demand for proper vetting is not a radical thought, but a necessity to ensure the survival of our way. Vetting is not a denial of entry, but a selection to ensure that only the most compliant and rational are allowed in. We did not cause the crises in Islam, but have to control how it is affect us.

Governments are weakening the power of the people through lax immigration, and labeling anyone who disagrees a raciest. While politicians live in bubble, the rest of us don’t, and actually fear for our safety and way of life. If governments had any legitimacy on the issue of proper vetting immigrants, we would not of had any terrorist act in our countries, but that is not the case.

Service to the people has been replaced by service to the globalist and elites. The child’s promise to its parents is again replaced by the lure of the evil kid down the block, the globalist and elites, until next election, when the child promise will return.


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