The recent American election is a great example of the power of the people against the tools of the establishments.

From day 1 these tools, with very few exceptions, have collude to mislead the public on the reality of American sentiment to the impending election. Gone was balanced reporting for citizens to consider.  This was replaced by royal decree of the elites.   From the polls to the media, all content was skewed towards the agenda of the establishment.  But just as King John of England failed to realize the power of the people, the elites of today made the same mistake.  

Blinded by their own greed and ambitions, the establishment hunkered down in their palace were everything was perfect, unaware of reality.  How they could have failed to see the massive crowds that gathered everywhere Mr Trump showed up, is a testament to their contempt for the average person. 

So how did he do it?  He did not employ armies of people to work on his campaign, he spent less then everybody else and was not scripted for appearances. What he did do, was to fall back to the basics of politics, and listened to the people.  He did not dictate, threaten, or belittle, rather he joined the people as a participant in a movement. Like a skilled artist  he painted the mountain from the ground looking up, not looking down from the top. 

The people of America finally have their own Magna Carta, where government will be restrained to the people’s wishes, not the wishes of thoese behind the palace wall. 

As time is the real test for sucess, if true to his word, and there is no reason to doubt him, Americians will finally have a return to representative government.


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