Justin’s odyssey – From little Potato to Onion

On a recent trip to China, the Chinese gave Justin the nickname ‘Little Potato.” Apparently in China his name sounds close to the mandarin name for potato, and little is because he is the son of Pierre Trudeau. (Huffington Post 09/06/16)  While he is proud of this nickname, to us he is more like an onion, bringing  constant tears to our eyes.

Justin burst onto the political landscape riding the coat tails of his family name.  Promising to do great things for the middle class family, the average worker, and Canadians as a whole, because after all, he pushed the narrative that he was just like the rest of us.  Sadly many bought what he was selling, and our eyes have been watering ever since.

Justin had the opportunity to do great things, but failed.  Pre-election he stated that his government would run a deficit of 10 billion dollars a year, as money was cheap to borrow. This money was going to be used to kick start the Canadian economy.  The reality in the first year of his 4 year mandate is quite shocking.  His first year deficit tripled, approx. 30 billion dollars, with the banks reporting a deficit of 150 billion dollars over the next 5 years. (Huffington Post 03/01/16)  That’s a far cry from the 10 billion a year, when you consider they started government with a surplus of 7.58 billion from the Conservative Government. (CTV News 3/22/16)

A quick check of media sources on the internet shows just some of the places our tax dollars have been going internationally, and where we get nothing in return.

2.65 Billion – Aid to developing nations to fight climate change, 1.6 Billion – Over 3 years towards security, stabilization and humanitarian in Middle East, 785 Million – Over 3 years to fight HIV, Malaria Tuberculosis, 200 Million– Rebuilding Iraq Economy, 150 Million – Aid Projects in Afghanistan,  100 Million – Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, 64.5 Million – Humanitarian Aid to UN, 54 Million – To Haiti, 25 Million – To Hamas group operating out of UN, 15 Million – Job training in Africa, 14.25 Million – Infrastructure in Indonesia, 13 Million – Vietnamese farmer, 3 Million – World Bank Transformative Carbon Asset Facility

None of the above represents the wasteful spending that has been inflicted by the many departments.  Items such as $800,000 for office redo, 12,000 for photographer in France, limo fares, trips all over the world, bar tabs on the jet, extravagant lunches, and many more failings for the Canadian tax payers. Sadly out of all the spending, very few jobs have been created, with the exception of two nannies for his kids. None of this even touches the issue of carbon tax, and the exploration of implementing a tax on medical and dental, what’s next.

The real kicker that just opens the flood gates to tears, comes from the logic of his government’s priority towards an international agenda. It is impossible to comprehend how one thinks that borrowing billions of dollars, then giving it away to international organizations, creating few jobs in Canada, and then sticking Canadians with the bill to pay off the loan is a bonus for Canadians.  Right now in Canada we have thousands of people who spend each night sleeping on the street, going hungry, families having to decide to either pay electrical bills or eat, and many Aboriginal reserves without proper drinking water, and yet our government’s priority is towards the globalist and the international agenda. I guess the meeting with the likes of George Soros, Hillary, the private millionaire’s party in California he attended, and a deep desire to be accepted by the United Nations is more important. Keep you tissues handy Canada, the onion has not been peeled all the way back yet.