Re-Engineering of Canadian Values

Today the House of Commons took the first step in re-engineering Canadian values to appease a vocal Islamic minority in Canada.  Motion 103, raised by Liberal MP Iqra Khalid, of Mississauga, Ontario a new Member of Parliament and a recent new citizen of Canada passed 201 to 91.  The green light for Sharia Law, no go zones, special prayer services, censorship of media-removing any disparaging statements about Islam, and the granting of special status and protection to Islam has begun.

Facts and reality will now be replaced with shouts of racism, bigotry, and the threat of prosecution for anyone talking bad about Islam.  Rather than religion being accepted for what it is, an Ideology, a belief, or a philosophy, Islam has now been placed on a pedestal, looking down on all others.  Special status outside of the guarantees of the Constitution of Canada have just been added for Islam.

But this forced upon Canadian law, lacks legitimacy.  As polls show, and we know the governments watch polls, over 70% of Canadians are not in favor of this motion, but it was forced on us anyway. The importance of legitimacy is that laws with legitimacy are followed by the masses.  Murder, assaults, speeding laws, or basic traffic rules, these are followed because the masses believe that the law is for the benefit of all therefore it has legitimacy.  But Motion 103 is not like that, it serves only Islam.

There is a reality to Islam that this motion seeks to quell.  As we all know, Islam is the religion and Muslims are its follower.  Anyone can understand laws preventing people from tarnishing a group such as Muslims, Jews, Catholics, Hindu, etc. with cruel statements.  This affect the individual.  But Islam is not a person.  The reality of Islam and Muslims are clearly separated and evident every day in the media.  Everyone know that the vast majority of Muslims are good people. Just like every other race, Muslims have criminals amongst them. The real problem comes from what Motion 103 is trying to protect and that is Islam and the struggle it has within itself.  For example some Imam extremist preach death to non-believers, Jews, and many others in the mosque. They also treats women as less then human, allows pedophilia (through the marriage of kids to adults), and cite this is the way of Islam.  Unfortunately this portion of Islam is on a daily killing spree, violently murdering, attacking and resorting to a state of nature by vicious animalistic actions. Other portions of Islam do the opposite and oppose the extremist. Remember Islam kills more Muslims then any another group. Islam is at a juncture and a struggle from within, and todays passing of Motion 103 is a slap in the face to Moderate Islamic Muslims who have come here for a better life and to leave behind the oppressive ways.

Canadian need to be mindful of all these politicians who thumbed their noses at us and remember them on Election Day.  These politicians need to be targeted for defeat in any election.  They have made their choice, of siding with extremist ways against the Canadian people.

The following is a list of MP and how they voted on Motion 103. It was taken from the National Post dated March 23, 2017. If your MP name is not there,  they were either not in the house or abstained from the vote.

nay/ Aboultaif nay/ Albas nay/ Albrecht yea/ Aldag yea/ Alleslev nay/ Allison nay/ Ambrose yea/ Amos paired/pairé Anandasangaree nay/ Anderson nay/ Arnold yea/ Arseneault yea/ Arya yea/ Ashton yea/ Ayoub yea/ Bagnell nay/ Barlow nay/ Barsalou-Duval yea/ Baylis nay/ Beaulieu yea/ Beech yea/ Bennett yea/ Benson nay/ Bergen nay/ Bernier nay/ Berthold nay/ Bezan yea/ Bibeau yea/ Bittle yea/ Blaikie yea/ Blair nay/ Blaney (Bellechasse—Les Etchemins—Lévis) yea/ Blaney (North Island—Powell River) nay/ Block yea/ Boissonnault yea/ Bossio nay/ Boucher yea/ Boutin-Sweet nay/ Brassard yea/ Bratina yea/ Breton yea/ Brison yea/ Brosseau yea/ Caesar-Chavannes nay/ Calkins yea/ Cannings yea/ Caron yea/ Carr nay/ Carrie yea/ Casey (Charlottetown) yea/ Casey (Cumberland—Colchester) yea/ Chagger yea/ Champagne yea/ Chan yea/ Chen yea/ Chong yea/ Choquette yea/ Christopherson nay/ Clarke nay/ Clement nay/ Cooper yea/ Cormier yea/ Cullen yea/ Cuzner yea/ Dabrusin yea/ Damoff yea/ Davies yea/ DeCourcey nay/ Deltell yea/ Dhaliwal yea/ Dhillon yea/ Di Iorio nay/ Diotte nay/ Doherty yea/ Donnelly nay/ Dreeshen yea/ Drouin yea/ Dubourg yea/ Duguid yea/ Duncan (Edmonton Strathcona) yea/ Duncan (Etobicoke North) yea/ Dusseault yea/ Duvall yea/ Dzerowicz yea/ Easter nay/ Eglinski yea/ Ehsassi yea/ El-Khoury yea/ Ellis yea/ Erskine-Smith yea/ Eyking yea/ Eyolfson nay/ Falk nay/ Fast yea/ Fergus yea/ Fillmore nay/ Finley yea/ Finnigan yea/ Fisher yea/ Fonseca yea/ Fragiskatos yea/ Fraser (Central Nova) yea/ Fraser (West Nova) yea/ Freeland yea/ Fry yea/ Fuhr nay/ Gallant yea/ Garrison nay/ Généreux yea/ Gerretsen nay/ Gill nay/ Gladu nay/ Godin yea/ Goldsmith-Jones yea/ Goodale yea/ Gould nay/ Gourde yea/ Graham yea/ Grewal nay/ Harder yea/ Hardie yea/ Harvey yea/ Hehr nay/ Hoback yea/ Holland yea/ Housefather yea/ Hughes yea/ Hussen yea/ Hutchings yea/ Iacono nay/ Jeneroux yea/ Johns yea/ Joly yea/ Jones yea/ Jordan yea/ Jowhari yea/ Julian yea/ Kang nay/ Kelly nay/ Kent yea/ Khalid yea/ Khera nay/ Kitchen nay/ Kmiec yea/ Kwan nay/ Lake yea/ Lametti yea/ Lamoureux yea/ Lapointe yea/ Lauzon (Argenteuil—La Petite-Nation) nay/ Lauzon (Stormont—Dundas—South Glengarry) nay/ Lebel yea/ LeBlanc yea/ Lebouthillier yea/ Lefebvre nay/ Leitch yea/ Lemieux yea/ Leslie yea/ Levitt nay/ Liepert yea/ Lightbound nay/ Lobb yea/ Lockhart yea/ Longfield yea/ Ludwig nay/ Lukiwski yea/ MacAulay (Cardigan) yea/ MacGregor nay/ MacKenzie yea/ MacKinnon (Gatineau) nay/ Maguire yea/ Malcolmson yea/ Maloney yea/ Massé (Avignon—La Mitis—Matane—Matapédia) yea/ Masse (Windsor West) yea/ Mathyssen yea/ May (Cambridge) yea/ May (Saanich—Gulf Islands) nay/ McCauley (Edmonton West) yea/ McCrimmon yea/ McDonald yea/ McGuinty yea/ McKay yea/ McKenna yea/ McKinnon (Coquitlam—Port Coquitlam) nay/ McLeod (Kamloops—Thompson—Cariboo) yea/ McLeod (Northwest Territories) yea/ Mendès yea/ Mendicino yea/ Miller (Ville-Marie—Le Sud-Ouest—Île-des-Soeurs) yea/ Monsef paired/pairé Moore yea/ Morrissey nay/ Motz yea/ Mulcair yea/ Murray yea/ Nantel yea/ Nassif nay/ Nater yea/ Nault nay/ Nicholson yea/ O’Connell yea/ Oliphant yea/ Oliver yea/ O’Regan nay/ O’Toole yea/ Ouellette yea/ Paradis nay/ Paul-Hus nay/ Pauzé yea/ Peschisolido yea/ Peterson yea/ Petitpas Taylor yea/ Philpott yea/ Picard nay/ Poilievre yea/ Poissant yea/ Quach yea/ Qualtrough yea/ Rankin yea/ Ratansi nay/ Reid nay/ Rempel nay/ Richards yea/ Rioux nay/ Ritz yea/ Robillard yea/ Rodriguez yea/ Romanado yea/ Rota yea/ Rudd yea/ Ruimy yea/ Rusnak yea/ Sahota yea/ Saini yea/ Sajjan yea/ Sangha yea/ Sansoucy yea/ Sarai nay/ Saroya yea/ Scarpaleggia nay/ Scheer yea/ Schiefke nay/ Schmale yea/ Schulte yea/ Serré yea/ Sgro yea/ Sheehan nay/ Shields nay/ Shipley yea/ Sidhu (Brampton South) yea/ Sidhu (Mission—Matsqui—Fraser Canyon) yea/ Simms nay/ Sopuck yea/ Sorbara nay/ Sorenson yea/ Spengemann yea/ Stanton nay/ Ste-Marie yea/ Stetski yea/ Stewart nay/ Strahl nay/ Stubbs nay/ Sweet yea/ Tabbara yea/ Tan yea/ Tassi nay/ Tilson yea/ Tootoo nay/ Trost yea/ Trudel nay/ Van Kesteren nay/ Van Loan yea/ Vandal yea/ Vandenbeld yea/ Vaughan nay/ Vecchio nay/ Viersen yea/ Virani nay/ Wagantall nay/ Warawa nay/ Warkentin nay/ Waugh nay/ Webber yea/ Weir yea/ Whalen yea/ Wilkinson yea/ Wilson-Raybould nay/ Wong yea/ Wrzesnewskyj yea/ Young nay/ Yurdiga yea/ Zahid nay/ Zimmer


Alley Cat Journalism

If you have ever watched an alley cat in action, you definitely can understand the connection between many of today’s MSM/Journalist and the alley cat. While the Alley cat scours the dark alley and gutter for food to survive, journalist scour the same areas for a race to the bottom, to see who can obtain the filthiest morsel of information, void of facts or consequences to report. Gutter journalism is the new norm. No longer viewed as reliable, citizens are turning to the high Tec world for alternate news sources and facts.

For the most part, President Trump is correct when he calls many of them “Fake News.”  But hold on America, you are not alone in this race to the bottom, as we in Canada are also seeing this play out every day in our state sponsored, and arguably state run media. News is no longer reported on the bases of the reality of what has happened or is occurring, rather it is narrated with seconds of sound bites, impressing upon the masses the agenda of the reporter and his network. For example in Canada at a town hall meeting with our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, he was asked about the environment and the oilfields of Alberta. His response was that his government would not immediately close them down, but would be phasing them out over time.  Shock waves must have reverberated through the markets, as the leader of a country, with the 3rd largest oil reserves in the world, had just served notice we are closing up shop.  Common sense dictates that a statement this important would be headline news around the world, but that was not the case. Canadian media briefly covered this, void on mentioning the impact that such a statement will have on investment, or how it will affect the nation. The media instead looked to place a positive spin on the town hall, and like the Prime Minister has said, Sunny ways. But I guess when the government controls your purse strings, and doles out billions of dollars a year to your network(s), you have to play nice in the sand box.  Facts after all are subjective to the media and can ruin a nice story line. In the US Presidential election campaign, the media was front and center in obscuring a pesky little thing called facts.  In case after case, the size of crowds attending Candidate Trumps rallies was barely covered and downplayed.  The media hardly showed the mass crowds gathered outside of the event, or the individuals packed to the rafters inside where the events was being held. Instead they choose to cover the minority of protesters at the event, the way they were treated, and covered it as if it was a larger than life protest. The agenda was obvious, to serve the narrative that a vote from Trump was going to be a wasted vote, so come on and get on side with Hillary, everyone likes a winner.

MSM/Journalism has lost legitimacy. Without legitimacy they can no longer weather tough times. In response they have flipped to spinning stories with a grandiose plot more fitting of a fiction book then news. The raison d’etre, of journalism, as well as integrity of reporters of years gone by, such as Walter Cronkite, are now beholden to political agendas, corporations, special interest groups, and a quick buck.

Facts and balance reporting from most MSM is dead.  Luckily citizens of the world have the ability to fact check stories and that is devastating to many.  The once taken for granted attitude of “we are trusted,” is long gone. The public now discerns between balanced and bias reporting.  Time to come out from the alley and gutter and leave it to the creature of survival, the cat, because MSM is dying a slow death in the gutter.

Are You Hurting Yet Canada?

Canadians are finally starting to feel the pain of a Justin Trudeau government. With the honeymoon over, countless photo ops behind him, and let’s not forget the please love me again cross Canada tour, the reality is setting in.

Sunny ways have been replaced with severe weather warnings.  A ten billion dollar debt has almost trippled, infrastructure spending announced has been drastically stripped back and Justin’s  promise to the middle class has been forgotten. Take shelter Canada.

So here is what Justin has given us. He borrows billions of dollars, after all he said money was cheap to borrow, so why not. He then turns around and gives billions away to infrastructure programs, job creations, housing development and relief for poor families. Looks good and sounds great, but the only problem is that none of this was in Canada. Weather can affect vision and when jetsetting as much as he has, he probably forgot what country he was in when he dolled out the money.

But Justin has not completely forgotten  about Canadians.  He has left us some real treasures.  One of his golden gifts that keep on giving is carbon tax.  Taxpayers keep giving and he keeps taking.  Guess it’s expensive to hire angels to scrub the clouds. Jobs was another gift from him.  We can definitely report on at least two nannies being hired to look after his kids. Hopefully that offsets all the other job losses in Canada. But things must be looking up on the job front, as his finance minister said that Canadians will have to get use to working several jobs part time, what a gift, we all get 2 jobs. To help keep the population on a steady growth pattern, his government has decided that convicted terrorist with dual citizenship will no longer be deported, anybody have a room to rent? For our 150th celebration as a nation, he has pulled out all stops. Every illegal in the United States has been invited to come live in Canada. Got a small deportation issue in the US, nasty criminal record, or just hang around with the wrong people like gangs, don’t  worry we won’t ask and you won’t have to tell. Just show up at any border crossing and we will have bellhops dressed as police to welcome you and carry your luggage.  Concerned about survival in Canada, try out one of our many sanctuary cities, where you will enjoy free dental, medical, clothing, food, housing or anything else you need.  The secret is in the patented screwing taxpayers get, he dictates and we pay.

To ensure that the liberal’s policies remain in place and that they remain in power, the Liberals have been taking in droves of illegal immigrants and also thousands of poorly vetted Muslim refugees. Concerned about the price tag of this operation, don’t worry.  The government is making it palatable by bring in a law that if anyone speaks negative about Islam, truth or otherwise, you will be charged under Motion 103 with Islamophobia. Another great gift, what’s hundreds of thousands of dollars per family

By the time the Liberals are done with Canada we will resemble a third world country.  Our debt will have grown from a surplus of seven billion to a debt of hundreds of billions of dollars. Our infrastructure will be destroyed and anything remaining will be sold off.  Thanks Justin, if I am not hurting enough now, I am sure your March budget will fix that.

P.S. keep on flying around the world at our expense, I guess its one way to stay away from the house of commons.

Sanctuary Cities

It used to be that breaking the law had consequences, not rewards.  But in the minds of today’s liberals, why hold people accountable for past indiscretions. Let’s take them in, overlook their past and offer them new opportunities that we don’t even offer to our seniors, vets or homeless people.  After all it looks good.

As President Trump, has begun the process of making America Safer, by deporting illegal immigrants with criminal past, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, an opportunist, has taken advantage of this situation to increase his voting base, by waving them over to Canada. We don’t ask, you don’t tell and everything is beautiful, like he said Sunny Ways.

Not to be outdone by Justin antics, cities across Canada are jumping on this issue and creating sanctuary cities. What a benefit for taxpayers.  To help support the narrative that open borders is the way to go, governments at all levels are falling back on their old friend the corrupt media to sell this agenda.  Countless pictures of children and babies fleeing war torn USA through snowbanks are constantly displayed.  The poor illegals are entering Canada in their best dress outfits, met by Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) as they navigate the war torn snowbanks of the USA.  Wanting them to get off to a great start, they are taken to already warm vehicles with no questions asked or attempt to deny them entry.



So dangerous a trek through war torn USA, that the only ones willing to brave this trip are Taxi drivers who drop them off at a nice clearing where RCMP are waiting to provide them with bellhop services.

While the liberal left basks in the accolades of the illegals and their leftist groups that support this mess, it is the Canadian taxpayers who are on the hook.  You will not hear social agencies, municipalities, immigration lawyers or immigrant groups cry about the influx, rather they use this situation to request more money from the governments, who in turn pass this along to taxpayers, another bonus at the public trough.  Let’s also not forget that once the illegals set foot on our soil, sky’s the limit. Free healthcare, dental, housing, transportation, and clothing, all curtesy of taxpayers.  Say something negative about illegal immigrants and you are a racist.

The reality is loss in the nice glossy photos the media spins. While the government and media remain silent on the fact that those being deported are illegals with criminal past, gang affiliations or serial violators of deportation orders, social media is getting the word out. Make no mistake about it, nobody wants this caliber of a neighbors, but again the liberal governments ignores what Canadians want. Contempt for law and order is a way of life for them.  The continuation of their illegal actions means that they will be spending the rest of their life looking over their shoulders.

Sanctuary cities perpetuate the problem and address nothing. Citizens need to rally together to oppose illegal immigration from any country.  If you cannot start out in our country following the laws, then stay out.  Think this position is harsh, take a look south of the border at the numerous victims of illegal immigrants.  Canada and its citizens deserve only legally qualified immigrants, we are not a doormat, regardless what our leftist government and municipal leaders think.  We the voters demand that our laws be respected not trampled on.