Canadians are finally starting to feel the pain of a Justin Trudeau government. With the honeymoon over, countless photo ops behind him, and let’s not forget the please love me again cross Canada tour, the reality is setting in.

Sunny ways have been replaced with severe weather warnings.  A ten billion dollar debt has almost trippled, infrastructure spending announced has been drastically stripped back and Justin’s  promise to the middle class has been forgotten. Take shelter Canada.

So here is what Justin has given us. He borrows billions of dollars, after all he said money was cheap to borrow, so why not. He then turns around and gives billions away to infrastructure programs, job creations, housing development and relief for poor families. Looks good and sounds great, but the only problem is that none of this was in Canada. Weather can affect vision and when jetsetting as much as he has, he probably forgot what country he was in when he dolled out the money.

But Justin has not completely forgotten  about Canadians.  He has left us some real treasures.  One of his golden gifts that keep on giving is carbon tax.  Taxpayers keep giving and he keeps taking.  Guess it’s expensive to hire angels to scrub the clouds. Jobs was another gift from him.  We can definitely report on at least two nannies being hired to look after his kids. Hopefully that offsets all the other job losses in Canada. But things must be looking up on the job front, as his finance minister said that Canadians will have to get use to working several jobs part time, what a gift, we all get 2 jobs. To help keep the population on a steady growth pattern, his government has decided that convicted terrorist with dual citizenship will no longer be deported, anybody have a room to rent? For our 150th celebration as a nation, he has pulled out all stops. Every illegal in the United States has been invited to come live in Canada. Got a small deportation issue in the US, nasty criminal record, or just hang around with the wrong people like gangs, don’t  worry we won’t ask and you won’t have to tell. Just show up at any border crossing and we will have bellhops dressed as police to welcome you and carry your luggage.  Concerned about survival in Canada, try out one of our many sanctuary cities, where you will enjoy free dental, medical, clothing, food, housing or anything else you need.  The secret is in the patented screwing taxpayers get, he dictates and we pay.

To ensure that the liberal’s policies remain in place and that they remain in power, the Liberals have been taking in droves of illegal immigrants and also thousands of poorly vetted Muslim refugees. Concerned about the price tag of this operation, don’t worry.  The government is making it palatable by bring in a law that if anyone speaks negative about Islam, truth or otherwise, you will be charged under Motion 103 with Islamophobia. Another great gift, what’s hundreds of thousands of dollars per family

By the time the Liberals are done with Canada we will resemble a third world country.  Our debt will have grown from a surplus of seven billion to a debt of hundreds of billions of dollars. Our infrastructure will be destroyed and anything remaining will be sold off.  Thanks Justin, if I am not hurting enough now, I am sure your March budget will fix that.

P.S. keep on flying around the world at our expense, I guess its one way to stay away from the house of commons.


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