It used to be that breaking the law had consequences, not rewards.  But in the minds of today’s liberals, why hold people accountable for past indiscretions. Let’s take them in, overlook their past and offer them new opportunities that we don’t even offer to our seniors, vets or homeless people.  After all it looks good.

As President Trump, has begun the process of making America Safer, by deporting illegal immigrants with criminal past, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, an opportunist, has taken advantage of this situation to increase his voting base, by waving them over to Canada. We don’t ask, you don’t tell and everything is beautiful, like he said Sunny Ways.

Not to be outdone by Justin antics, cities across Canada are jumping on this issue and creating sanctuary cities. What a benefit for taxpayers.  To help support the narrative that open borders is the way to go, governments at all levels are falling back on their old friend the corrupt media to sell this agenda.  Countless pictures of children and babies fleeing war torn USA through snowbanks are constantly displayed.  The poor illegals are entering Canada in their best dress outfits, met by Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) as they navigate the war torn snowbanks of the USA.  Wanting them to get off to a great start, they are taken to already warm vehicles with no questions asked or attempt to deny them entry.



So dangerous a trek through war torn USA, that the only ones willing to brave this trip are Taxi drivers who drop them off at a nice clearing where RCMP are waiting to provide them with bellhop services.

While the liberal left basks in the accolades of the illegals and their leftist groups that support this mess, it is the Canadian taxpayers who are on the hook.  You will not hear social agencies, municipalities, immigration lawyers or immigrant groups cry about the influx, rather they use this situation to request more money from the governments, who in turn pass this along to taxpayers, another bonus at the public trough.  Let’s also not forget that once the illegals set foot on our soil, sky’s the limit. Free healthcare, dental, housing, transportation, and clothing, all curtesy of taxpayers.  Say something negative about illegal immigrants and you are a racist.

The reality is loss in the nice glossy photos the media spins. While the government and media remain silent on the fact that those being deported are illegals with criminal past, gang affiliations or serial violators of deportation orders, social media is getting the word out. Make no mistake about it, nobody wants this caliber of a neighbors, but again the liberal governments ignores what Canadians want. Contempt for law and order is a way of life for them.  The continuation of their illegal actions means that they will be spending the rest of their life looking over their shoulders.

Sanctuary cities perpetuate the problem and address nothing. Citizens need to rally together to oppose illegal immigration from any country.  If you cannot start out in our country following the laws, then stay out.  Think this position is harsh, take a look south of the border at the numerous victims of illegal immigrants.  Canada and its citizens deserve only legally qualified immigrants, we are not a doormat, regardless what our leftist government and municipal leaders think.  We the voters demand that our laws be respected not trampled on.


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