Islam and Prison Radicalization – “In Your Face” Activity

Following many of the attacks in Europe and other western nations, it is often reported that the Muslim attacker(s), be they a born Muslim or convert to Islam, was radicalized in prison. While many ask how this can happen, the truth is that Muslim radicalization starts out as joining a prison gang, and their growth and radicalization is “an in your face” activity. This is unlike society, where radicalization occurs covertly to outsiders.

Having spent 30 years working frontline inside of Federal Prisons, I have witnessed the growth of these gangs, and by that I mean all gangs, their operations, strategy and power play to achieve their aims. Their activity is such an in-your-face action, that an untrained eye would assume that what they are seeing is just regular prison activity. So why is this allowed to happen? Simply put, although incarceration is to be a restriction, the reality is that these restrictions are not as limited as one would think, and in some cases their rights are more protected than honest people on the outside. Many bleeding hearts are more interested in their rights then yours.

The problem starts with society and the naive belief that prison rehabilitates. Society is sold an idea that prisons are a sort of therapeutic clinical environment where everything is strictly controlled and positive results attained and measured. Money comes from saying there is a cure, and society feels better believing it is curing someone. Prison environment is ripe for the radicalization of any group, but for Muslims it really is the tip of the spear to start the process.

The hard facts are that prison is a violent environment, and for many reason, individuals look to groups to secure their safety and in many cases their comfort. As the public may not be aware, Muslims as well as some other groups have special privileges that they are able to fall back on as recruiting tool. One such privilege is the different food they receive, from the rest of the population. To facilitate this they also have their own cooks to handle their cooking. While this might seem small, in prison where you can either eat food prepared for hundreds or thousands or food cooked for a vastly smaller number, guess who has the better food? Prayer time is another opportunity for them to gather in their gang, and this is where the power structure becomes visible. The next issue is security, and this is where the gang loyalty starts to gel them together. Your safety becomes hitched to following the gang and vice versa. It is a typical cult recruiting mentality. Prison provides the best of criminals and easiest mark for them to recruit from. In return you will be called upon to show your loyalty to them, which can include assaults, murders or any other activity they demand. Once converted and radicalized you don’t leave. Another big issue is that sometime the information sought out by prison managers, is from some Muslims who don’t understand the complexity of prison, so they provide bad information which leads to misinterpretation of rights rather than customs or likes. For example, the idea of during Ramadan, that meals have to be held in a community style fashion is often stated, but not required. Security should never be dictated by outsiders, but sadly it happens.  It is a typical tail wagging the dog scenario.

Unfortunately because of a lack of knowledge about Islam and a reliance upon Muslims to tell the organization what they have to do, this empowers the Muslim inmates, and paints the perception that they are powerful and able to get things done. No other group has this leverage over the criminal justice system. This power that they wield behind bars is viewed as an aphrodisiac to converts.

Law enforcement needs to refocus its plans priorities on the reality of what is happening inside prisons. While today issues is radicalization of Islam behind bars, next time it may be other groups.


Kim Jung-Un Last Stand

​While threats and intimidation may have worked in the past for North Korea, that ship has now sailed.  Current threats of; all out nuclear war, the eradication of South Korea, nuclear ICBM attacks on America, missile strikes on Japan, as well as the new threat of weekly missile test, are now being taken more seriously then at any other time in history. North Korea’s proclamation of advancement in nuclear and rocket capability, be they true or not, have reached an apex that the world is no longer willing to chance . American resolve could not be stronger, as Kim Jung-Un  has just made his last stand.

As successive administrations entertained the manipulation by North Korea, granting them both materialistic and financial concessions in exchange for putting aside their nuclear ambition, North Korea graciously accepted but silently continued with its nuclear plans. Mastering the art of manipulation, every year they would raise their head and rattle the world again with nuclear claims and rocket test, again gaining favors for empty promises. All the international community was able to accomplish was the postponement of the inevitable, and today we find ourselves at dateline inevitable.

It is obvious now that North Korea is on a go it alone path. Nations such as Russia and China, major supporters of North Korea have been unsuccessful in de-escalating the nuclear crises.  What once would have been a great military alliance against the west, has now turned into a nightmare for them. A megalomaniac un-nerved by the concept of mutual destructibility, something that kept the cold war parties in check, is lost on him. Negotiation are long pass the point of effectiveness.

What the world is now faced with is a potential nuclear conflict, that is sure to occur if North Korea is not dealt with. With America and her allies as the recipients of threats, the task falls to America to neutralise the problem, as all else has failed.  Realising the gravity of the situation, I am willing to bet that privately Russia and China agree that Kim Jung-Un must go.  Their recent posturing militarily is simply to protect their interest keeping the Korea’s divided after Kim Jung-Un is gone. China’s 200000 plus troops on the boarder is there to quickly move into North Korea if an American attack comes and Kim is removed. This is to  ensure primarily that North Korea remains as is, with a new puppet installed, and secondly to ensure that the North Korean military will be restrained from an all out war, giving both the Americans and Chinese a win win situation.

Kim Jung-Un will not go peacefully so options are necessary.  A limited decapitation of the leadership including it military is the best choice.  This is were China come in capable of restraining and ensuring stability. Secondly a  less favorable position would be strategic military strikes on his nuclear program, but the megalomaniac remains.  

Decision time is around the corner, and the safest bet for a limited armed conflict resides with the decapitation of leadership plan. While pubically the mantra is to give negotiations another chance, realistically 20 plus years of this cat and mouse game has been a failure, time to spring the trap.

Put me in Coach, America Returns to the Game

The last eight years has seen America sitting on the bench while many players in the International Arena have risen to prominence and profited from a “laissez faire” attitude of American foreign policy. Sweeping away American footprints was more important then displaying their presence. But that all changed in November 2016, when Americans clearly said “Put me in Coach,” and a return to the game it is.

The emboldening of rogue nations and their proxies did not occur by accident. These entities saw a nation on bended knee, more interested in apologizing for everything that occurred in the past, and fearing making the same mistakes again. America’s presence in the world was shrinking. Announcements of scaled back action were now everywhere. Everybody with an axe to grind only had to wait till America vacated, and retribution flowed. Iran and its nuclear ambition-in motion, the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood-Arab spring, ISIS-from rag tag to a national threat, North Korea-nuclear ambition, Terrorism-domestically and internationally, Political correctness-failing to label threats for what they actually are, etc. The end result is a world that is less stable and ripe for violence.

2017 is seeing a reset of the failed policies and practices of years gone by. Decisive action on the reversal of American footprints is in full swing. America will no longer sit on the sidelines as atrocoties occur around the world, and useless votes of condemenation are the only response from the international community.  Syria was a wake-up call to all who thought it would be the same old, same old as usual. From this point forward appeasement is over, and America means what it says. Regimes, and their proxies that threaten America or world stability are living on borrowed time. While America prefers partnership in dealing with world events, if all fails, America will go it alone. The terrorists no longer have the comfort of knowing every move and preparing for it. Rogue nations such as North Korea, are living on borrowed time which can now be measured in days rather then years, as had been the practice. America is back in the game and playing for keeps.

While many choose to attack the President, all have to remember he inhearated a world that has never been so divided and complex as it is now.  It is only through strength, decisiveness and  a commitment to act if need be, will the world start to calm down.


Sale, Sale, Sale, Everything Must go!!!!

By now Canadians are starting to get the picture that Justin’s Liberal Government is not working on behalf of Canadians, rather for the globalist.  The days of our National Government investing in our country, maintaining a surplus, tax-breaks for middle income families, and placing Canadians first, is now over.  Everything is up for sale, sky the limit, pleasing the globalist is the priority.  As taxpayers our role is simple, don’t complain, comply and keep paying.

Canada elected a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Usurping the wishes and powers of parliament by manipulating the democratic process to turn democracy on itself is his action plan.  The dismantling and rolling back of democracy has begun, and the globalist could not be happier with Justin loyalty to them.

Canadians missed the cry of the wolf, when in campaigning for the Prime Minister’s job, Justin talked about incurring a debt, rather than maintain the previous government’s policy of a surplus. Justin told Canadians that his government planned to borrow 10 billion dollars per year, over four years, and that money was going to be used to stimulate the economy and job growth.  After all he said money was cheap to borrow, so why not?  But in secret Justin already had other plans for all this money, and Canada did not figure into it. What Canadians have witnessed, is that billions of dollars that were borrowed, was given away to other nations, agendas, and let’s not forget the master globalists at the United Nations.  Canadians are receiving zero return on investment, instead a debt that will haunt us for many decades. It will not be until 2055 before Canadians see another surplus.

The next step came in the passing of Motion 103. This motion limits free speech, and places Islam as a priority in Canadian law, over all other religions. Although polls showed that 70% of Canadians were opposed to it, the government went ahead and had it passed. The agenda of destroying our democracy is more important, after all it gives government more power and control.

The latest attack on our democracy comes in what they are calling Parliamentary reform.  If you think parliament was dysfunctional before watch out.  There first step in this process is to limit debate in the house and committee.  Limiting debate robs Canadians of a voice and ensures closure to force any agenda through.  Next comes the real slippery and slimy part of politics.  The liberals are now looking to make their work week only four days, with every Friday off.  I am sure hard working Canadians appreciate this disgusting move.   Also to strictly control and protect Justin, they are also proposing that Justin only has to appear once a week in the house of common to answer questions for the 45 minutes during question period.  Now I know many Canadians will be upset with the way the Liberals are governing, but they do not want to hear about it.  To protect their egos and ensure they only hear positive messages, they are looking at creating a new law for Harassment of MP’s only.  I guess the current criminal harassment laws that we have to live with are not strong enough for their liking. So in the future if an elected and accountable MP feels his feelings have been hurt, he can cry Harassment.  How sweet, now just like Islam they will have their own specific law for themselves.

To liberals nothing is sacred or beyond reproach.  Our rights that we once cherished are being eroded all to appease the globalist. Justin’s yard sale continues.