The last eight years has seen America sitting on the bench while many players in the International Arena have risen to prominence and profited from a “laissez faire” attitude of American foreign policy. Sweeping away American footprints was more important then displaying their presence. But that all changed in November 2016, when Americans clearly said “Put me in Coach,” and a return to the game it is.

The emboldening of rogue nations and their proxies did not occur by accident. These entities saw a nation on bended knee, more interested in apologizing for everything that occurred in the past, and fearing making the same mistakes again. America’s presence in the world was shrinking. Announcements of scaled back action were now everywhere. Everybody with an axe to grind only had to wait till America vacated, and retribution flowed. Iran and its nuclear ambition-in motion, the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood-Arab spring, ISIS-from rag tag to a national threat, North Korea-nuclear ambition, Terrorism-domestically and internationally, Political correctness-failing to label threats for what they actually are, etc. The end result is a world that is less stable and ripe for violence.

2017 is seeing a reset of the failed policies and practices of years gone by. Decisive action on the reversal of American footprints is in full swing. America will no longer sit on the sidelines as atrocoties occur around the world, and useless votes of condemenation are the only response from the international community.  Syria was a wake-up call to all who thought it would be the same old, same old as usual. From this point forward appeasement is over, and America means what it says. Regimes, and their proxies that threaten America or world stability are living on borrowed time. While America prefers partnership in dealing with world events, if all fails, America will go it alone. The terrorists no longer have the comfort of knowing every move and preparing for it. Rogue nations such as North Korea, are living on borrowed time which can now be measured in days rather then years, as had been the practice. America is back in the game and playing for keeps.

While many choose to attack the President, all have to remember he inhearated a world that has never been so divided and complex as it is now.  It is only through strength, decisiveness and  a commitment to act if need be, will the world start to calm down.



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