For the Sake of Canada, Justin Trudeau Must Not Fight Mathew Perry

In April 2017, Canadians learned of an age-old feud that has been brewing for years between our dear leader Justin and Mathew Perry. This feud goes all the way back to their childhood days, and resurfaced again, after Mathew Perry went on TV bragging about beating Justin up as a kid. For Justin this was too much to tolerate, action was required. In response to Mathews bragging, Justin released a tweet on April 1, 2017 challenging Mathew to a rematch.

Justin’s fighting career appears to have popped up over the years. In 2012, Justin was involved in a high profile fight, when he entered the boxing ring to take on Senator Patrick Brazeau. Although a charity fight, the punches were thrown, and Justin was declared the victor. At the same time, Justin was also working on plans to set himself up as leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, and then Prime Minister. Justin had been providing many suggestions to the government of the day on how to govern, and told us how he would do it if he ran the country. Now fast forward a few years and here you have Justin as Canadian Prime Minister.

One year after his victorious fight against Senator Brazeau, Justin became leader of the Liberal Party, and began his march towards Prime Minister. From 2013 onwards Justin told Canadians how he would fix our country, although nobody thought it was broken, and return us to greatness. Electoral reform, Parliamentary reform, job creations, balancing the budget, helping the middle class, tax cuts, more focus on the middle class, transparency, infrastructure investment, an end to feeding at the trough, and accountable MP. In many of these cases he even gave us specifics of what he would do, it was as if he wrote a governing for dummies handbook. He put it out there and many bought it. Today he is our dear leader.

Shortly after securing the office of Prime Minister, Canadians began to notice something was not quite right. Many of the promises that Justin made, just disappeared. Justin’s antics in the House of Commons were questionable, with Canadians wondering if this was the same man they had voted for. Even the pillars of his campaign were gone, so what happened Justin, did you just forget, or is it something else?

Know we all have come to know the danger of concussions that athletes suffer. Repeated blows to the head are nothing to smear at. Justin has engaged in the sort of activities, through boxing, where repeated punches to the head are a fact. Justin started out on a good foot promising to do great thing, but appears to have forgotten. Now I know he did not lie to us while campaigning for the Prime Ministers job, so the only thing I can conclude is that boxing has taken it toll on him. For that, Parliament needs to ensure that Justin hangs up his gloves for good, and never fight again as long as he is governing Canada. If he does not heed these words and insists on fighting Mathew Perry, only the lord knows what he will do to this country next.