Humanity at a Crossroad

Once again the world finds itself in front of another shrine to victims of Islamic terrorism, asking how this happened again? As in all incidents, civic leaders take to the podium to talk about a resolve to remain strong, not to be deterred by the terrorist, and the continuation of our lives as normal, as a sign of our battle against them. Nations for their part express their condolences; they seek to explain the need for more tolerance of Islam, and an accommodation of their lifestyle, which will all lead to a defeat of Islamic terrorism. This false narrative is the equivalent to laying blame at the feet of citizens, and is killing innocent people. Islamic extremism is not a sociological or societal problem rather an ideology of hate and violence with one goal, that being conversion of all to Islam upon pain of death.

Consider the many European nations who practice the above, and who have surrendered their sovereignty to the European Union’s policy of open border, flirting with extreme multiculturalism, allowing Sharia law and courts to operate, and no go zones. In many of these European countries, Islamic migrants have flooded in, from other then the intended country, Syria. The Islamic extremists have seized this opportunity to infiltrate these nations, and have been dispensing violence on a scale never before witnessed. The appeasement and setting aside of our better judgement has got to end.

Nobody is saying that all Muslims are extremist. For the most part the majority of them have left their countries of origin to come to the western world to enjoy the way we live. These individuals do not want extreme Islamist in our countries either, but because of the era of political correctness the extremist are entering, recruiting and growing in numbers. Moderate Muslims are in fear of the extremist, and there are many cases where they have reported Islamic extremist, and nothing has been done. Government’s have failed to protect the homeland and citizens, all to appease the globalist who are behind the agenda of Islam spreading. After all, conflict is good for their pocketbooks, and to date nobody has heard of any of them being victims of these terrorist.

The time has come for the world to move from a state of appeasement to assimilation of immigrants. The first course of action needs to be the rounding up of all Islamic extremists on any nations watch list, and to deport them back to their country of origins. For home-grown radicals or converts on a watch list, incarceration with a plan to de-radicalize is needed. The nations need to adopt the same procedures as is used in many US prisons to deal with gang members, which leads to them leaving the gangs. Next is to deal with the Imams in the Mosques who spew hate and violence. This can never be acceptable under any circumstance or from any religion. We need to acknowledge that the Koran does preach of hate and violence, but that has to be explained for the time it was written, and is no longer relevant to todays Muslims. The third thing that must occur is that the leaders of nations need to temper the liberal court, who are more concerned with the freedom of one person over the whole of society. Failure to act will only empower the Islamic extremist to increase their attacks and grow their numbers. Humanity and our way of life is at stake. Failure to act will mean more shrines around the world.


The Sky is Falling

Yesterday was a do or die day for humanity. Nations all around the world held there breath, as if they were waiting to see if the groundhog saw his shadow and more winter was coming. All of this suspense and attention was built around the Paris Accord on climate change, and wonders if the US would back out of it or not. No sooner had President Trump announced that he was pulling out of the Accord, and Chicken Little sprang into action proclaiming that the sky was falling. What is humanity to do now? I was so concerned with this decision that I rose early this morning, went outside to watch the unfolding devastation that President Trump had caused. To my surprise nothing, the sun’s rays were not starting fires, the oceans did not swallow up any islands and humanity remained the same. Okay someone lied.

The great hoax is now challenged by a reality check. Clearly there is division in the scientific community on climate discussions, and this division is what lends itself to the debate. One day you read an article about polar ice growing, next week polar ice is disappearing, the planet is over heating, yet summer like weather has not appeared in traditional areas, from ozone depletion to global warming and now climate change, the left has been as solid in their stance as a soggy soup sandwich. Now enough is enough, and they have been called on it. The left needs to understand that by turning down the Paris Accord, it does not mean that those on the right do not care about the environment. Nobody is advocating filling the oceans with garbage, dumping nuclear waste in landfill sites or buildings more smoke stacks to pump pollution into the environment. A balanced approach that considers all aspects of humanity is what is required, not the self serving agenda that benefits the elites while the rest of the world pays for it.

So for now, the like of Al Gore, with his private jet, that must run on unicorn farts, and who has created a cottage industry on fear mongering is beat. His elitist friends who bankroll this agenda, who also fly around on private jets, have just been dealt a dose of reality. How will they continue to profit from this hoax? The plan was a masterpiece they thought, until it was examined. The wisdom of the accord that allows China, the world’s largest polluter, 13 years before they have too complying, has been exposed. Why can’t we have 13 years? For China this represent 13 years of unlimited pollution, and we pay. Another country, India has also seized upon this opportunity, by agreeing to the accord for a small modest compensation of over two trillion dollars, guess who pays this? Does this Paris accord not sound like the Iran Nuclear Deal?

Chicken Little and all of his friends who believe the sky is falling, need to take a deep breath, you are ok. Nobody is looking to destroy the earth, just wanting to survive and live a modest life. Until the scientific community has a clear consensus on the environment, we would all be better off if we hitched our wagon to common sense and not the agenda setters, who stand to profit from more restrictions upon mankind.