Is it now time for the United States government to re-activate its past policy on political assassination to get rid of Kim Jong-Un and his military elites? While political assassinations are today viewed as taboo, there was a time when it was part of American foreign policy, a special measure for dealing with foreign leaders whom the US determined to be problematic to their interest. Consider some notable cases such as attempts or success on Castro of Cuba, Patrice Lumumba of Zaire and Orlando Letelier of Chile. But this all changed in 1976 when President Ford outlawed this practice.  Since that time all Presidents have re-affirmed this policy and have not authorized any political assassinations, or have they?

Regardless what side you stand on in this subject, history is full of examples of individuals whom had they have been assassinated, countless lives would have been spared and the world would have been better off.  Leaders such as Hitler, Hideki Tojo and Benito Mussolini, who are responsible for the murder of millions of people and an uncalculated disaster the world has never witnessed before. Hard to argue that they deserved the same right to life that other were denied by them.  With the exception of religious objection, there is no balanced reason to have saved these individuals from assassination.  

In today’s complex and dangerous world, the tool of political assassinations is a necessary option to bring stability and security back to the world.  While I know many religious people would disagree with this statement, who could argue that the killing of Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, or Muammar Qaddafi should not have happened. These men were responsible for the murder of millions and in the end got what they deserved.  These were targeted assassinations, justified, by their own actions.  While it is not politically correct to call them assassinations, they are and are justified, let’s not get hung up on the word assassination, it was a necessary and justifiable action.

Another character who fits the mold for selection is Kim Jong-Un. His relentless pursuit of nuclear weapons, and his desire to nuke the United States, elevates him to the top of the list.  How is America to deal with this psychopath, who starves and murders his own people in the most grotesque ways, bent on nuclear ambitions to threaten the world? To continue on a policy of dialogue and appeasement, hoping the day will never come, or to wait till his missiles fly and countless of millions of Americans are killed before a response that the world would approve of is launched against him is not an option.  He has been the master of his own faith and has taken himself to this point, now is time for a response.

Let’s remember a fish rots from the head first. By politically identifying him for assassination, as well as his senior military leaders, then taking out his communications, the nation would be in disarray and not have any leadership to fall back on.  This is where China can step in with its military and assume control of North Korea, it military and nukes. This serves two purposes.  First China still has control over the area, something that it fears loosing, and now they are rid of a cancer that has destabilized the area.  For the United States, while North Korea would still remain in the hands of a communist country, China is more rational that North Korea currently is.  Also China as is Russia are both well aware for the cold war view of nuclear weapons by all serves as a mutual deterrence for use.  This is not something that Kim Jung-un would ever accept or understand. In the end America has removed its threat and sent a message to the world that irrational, psychopathic leaders will not be permitted to threaten world peace.   Purge away America.


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