Alley Cat Journalism

If you have ever watched an alley cat in action, you definitely can understand the connection between many of today’s MSM/Journalist and the alley cat. While the Alley cat scours the dark alley and gutter for food to survive, journalist scour the same areas for a race to the bottom, to see who can obtain the filthiest morsel of information, void of facts or consequences to report. Gutter journalism is the new norm. No longer viewed as reliable, citizens are turning to the high Tec world for alternate news sources and facts.

For the most part, President Trump is correct when he calls many of them “Fake News.”  But hold on America, you are not alone in this race to the bottom, as we in Canada are also seeing this play out every day in our state sponsored, and arguably state run media. News is no longer reported on the bases of the reality of what has happened or is occurring, rather it is narrated with seconds of sound bites, impressing upon the masses the agenda of the reporter and his network. For example in Canada at a town hall meeting with our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, he was asked about the environment and the oilfields of Alberta. His response was that his government would not immediately close them down, but would be phasing them out over time.  Shock waves must have reverberated through the markets, as the leader of a country, with the 3rd largest oil reserves in the world, had just served notice we are closing up shop.  Common sense dictates that a statement this important would be headline news around the world, but that was not the case. Canadian media briefly covered this, void on mentioning the impact that such a statement will have on investment, or how it will affect the nation. The media instead looked to place a positive spin on the town hall, and like the Prime Minister has said, Sunny ways. But I guess when the government controls your purse strings, and doles out billions of dollars a year to your network(s), you have to play nice in the sand box.  Facts after all are subjective to the media and can ruin a nice story line. In the US Presidential election campaign, the media was front and center in obscuring a pesky little thing called facts.  In case after case, the size of crowds attending Candidate Trumps rallies was barely covered and downplayed.  The media hardly showed the mass crowds gathered outside of the event, or the individuals packed to the rafters inside where the events was being held. Instead they choose to cover the minority of protesters at the event, the way they were treated, and covered it as if it was a larger than life protest. The agenda was obvious, to serve the narrative that a vote from Trump was going to be a wasted vote, so come on and get on side with Hillary, everyone likes a winner.

MSM/Journalism has lost legitimacy. Without legitimacy they can no longer weather tough times. In response they have flipped to spinning stories with a grandiose plot more fitting of a fiction book then news. The raison d’etre, of journalism, as well as integrity of reporters of years gone by, such as Walter Cronkite, are now beholden to political agendas, corporations, special interest groups, and a quick buck.

Facts and balance reporting from most MSM is dead.  Luckily citizens of the world have the ability to fact check stories and that is devastating to many.  The once taken for granted attitude of “we are trusted,” is long gone. The public now discerns between balanced and bias reporting.  Time to come out from the alley and gutter and leave it to the creature of survival, the cat, because MSM is dying a slow death in the gutter.


Are You Hurting Yet Canada?

Canadians are finally starting to feel the pain of a Justin Trudeau government. With the honeymoon over, countless photo ops behind him, and let’s not forget the please love me again cross Canada tour, the reality is setting in.

Sunny ways have been replaced with severe weather warnings.  A ten billion dollar debt has almost trippled, infrastructure spending announced has been drastically stripped back and Justin’s  promise to the middle class has been forgotten. Take shelter Canada.

So here is what Justin has given us. He borrows billions of dollars, after all he said money was cheap to borrow, so why not. He then turns around and gives billions away to infrastructure programs, job creations, housing development and relief for poor families. Looks good and sounds great, but the only problem is that none of this was in Canada. Weather can affect vision and when jetsetting as much as he has, he probably forgot what country he was in when he dolled out the money.

But Justin has not completely forgotten  about Canadians.  He has left us some real treasures.  One of his golden gifts that keep on giving is carbon tax.  Taxpayers keep giving and he keeps taking.  Guess it’s expensive to hire angels to scrub the clouds. Jobs was another gift from him.  We can definitely report on at least two nannies being hired to look after his kids. Hopefully that offsets all the other job losses in Canada. But things must be looking up on the job front, as his finance minister said that Canadians will have to get use to working several jobs part time, what a gift, we all get 2 jobs. To help keep the population on a steady growth pattern, his government has decided that convicted terrorist with dual citizenship will no longer be deported, anybody have a room to rent? For our 150th celebration as a nation, he has pulled out all stops. Every illegal in the United States has been invited to come live in Canada. Got a small deportation issue in the US, nasty criminal record, or just hang around with the wrong people like gangs, don’t  worry we won’t ask and you won’t have to tell. Just show up at any border crossing and we will have bellhops dressed as police to welcome you and carry your luggage.  Concerned about survival in Canada, try out one of our many sanctuary cities, where you will enjoy free dental, medical, clothing, food, housing or anything else you need.  The secret is in the patented screwing taxpayers get, he dictates and we pay.

To ensure that the liberal’s policies remain in place and that they remain in power, the Liberals have been taking in droves of illegal immigrants and also thousands of poorly vetted Muslim refugees. Concerned about the price tag of this operation, don’t worry.  The government is making it palatable by bring in a law that if anyone speaks negative about Islam, truth or otherwise, you will be charged under Motion 103 with Islamophobia. Another great gift, what’s hundreds of thousands of dollars per family

By the time the Liberals are done with Canada we will resemble a third world country.  Our debt will have grown from a surplus of seven billion to a debt of hundreds of billions of dollars. Our infrastructure will be destroyed and anything remaining will be sold off.  Thanks Justin, if I am not hurting enough now, I am sure your March budget will fix that.

P.S. keep on flying around the world at our expense, I guess its one way to stay away from the house of commons.

Sanctuary Cities

It used to be that breaking the law had consequences, not rewards.  But in the minds of today’s liberals, why hold people accountable for past indiscretions. Let’s take them in, overlook their past and offer them new opportunities that we don’t even offer to our seniors, vets or homeless people.  After all it looks good.

As President Trump, has begun the process of making America Safer, by deporting illegal immigrants with criminal past, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, an opportunist, has taken advantage of this situation to increase his voting base, by waving them over to Canada. We don’t ask, you don’t tell and everything is beautiful, like he said Sunny Ways.

Not to be outdone by Justin antics, cities across Canada are jumping on this issue and creating sanctuary cities. What a benefit for taxpayers.  To help support the narrative that open borders is the way to go, governments at all levels are falling back on their old friend the corrupt media to sell this agenda.  Countless pictures of children and babies fleeing war torn USA through snowbanks are constantly displayed.  The poor illegals are entering Canada in their best dress outfits, met by Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) as they navigate the war torn snowbanks of the USA.  Wanting them to get off to a great start, they are taken to already warm vehicles with no questions asked or attempt to deny them entry.



So dangerous a trek through war torn USA, that the only ones willing to brave this trip are Taxi drivers who drop them off at a nice clearing where RCMP are waiting to provide them with bellhop services.

While the liberal left basks in the accolades of the illegals and their leftist groups that support this mess, it is the Canadian taxpayers who are on the hook.  You will not hear social agencies, municipalities, immigration lawyers or immigrant groups cry about the influx, rather they use this situation to request more money from the governments, who in turn pass this along to taxpayers, another bonus at the public trough.  Let’s also not forget that once the illegals set foot on our soil, sky’s the limit. Free healthcare, dental, housing, transportation, and clothing, all curtesy of taxpayers.  Say something negative about illegal immigrants and you are a racist.

The reality is loss in the nice glossy photos the media spins. While the government and media remain silent on the fact that those being deported are illegals with criminal past, gang affiliations or serial violators of deportation orders, social media is getting the word out. Make no mistake about it, nobody wants this caliber of a neighbors, but again the liberal governments ignores what Canadians want. Contempt for law and order is a way of life for them.  The continuation of their illegal actions means that they will be spending the rest of their life looking over their shoulders.

Sanctuary cities perpetuate the problem and address nothing. Citizens need to rally together to oppose illegal immigration from any country.  If you cannot start out in our country following the laws, then stay out.  Think this position is harsh, take a look south of the border at the numerous victims of illegal immigrants.  Canada and its citizens deserve only legally qualified immigrants, we are not a doormat, regardless what our leftist government and municipal leaders think.  We the voters demand that our laws be respected not trampled on.

Nation in Crises, The Canadian Constitution under Attack.

Freedom of Speech, the enjoyment of all in the Western World is about to be removed from the Canadian LexiconThe Liberal Party of Canada under Justin Trudeau has introduced a motion in the House of Commons, to limit this Constitutional right of every Canadian. Through the efforts of one of Justin’s Liberal Member of Parliament, Iqra Khalid Of  Mississauga-Erin Mills, a Pakistani immigrant who came to Canada in the late 1990’s, she  is spearheading this motion through the House of Commons.  But whom will this motion seek to guarantee additional right to?  One thing for sure is that it is not for all Canadians, rather a quick read quickly singles out Muslims for special protection.  Must be part of the new mosaic Justin is working on, Great job Justin – Not.

Parliamentary Motion-103 states  That, in the opinion of the House, the government should: (a) recognize the need to quell the increasing public climate of hate an… That, in the opinion of the House, the government should: (a) recognize the need to quell the increasing public climate of hate and fear; (b) condemn Islamophobia and all forms of systemic racism and religious discrimination and take note of House of Commons’ petition e-411 and the issues raised by it; and (c) request that the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage undertake a study on how the government could (i) develop a whole-of-government approach to reducing or eliminating systemic racism and religious discrimination including Islamophobia, in Canada, while ensuring a community-centered focus with a holistic response through evidence-based policy-making, (ii) collect data to contextualize hate crime reports and to conduct needs assessments for impacted communities, and that the Committee should present its findings and recommendations to the House no later than 240 calendar days from the adoption of this motion, provided that in its report, the Committee should make recommendations that the government may use to better reflect the enshrined rights and freedoms in the Constitution Acts, including the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.” (Parliament of Canada,

Clearly, anyone who disagrees with our governments immigration policy, or has fears of being a victim of horrendous crimes such as rape or the beating that are occurring in Europe, Scandinavia, and Africa and are against the brutal attacks and murders of Christian and other Muslims, are clearly guilty of Islamophobia. The liberal blinders only allows them to see inside of Canada and makes them ignorant to the reality of what is actually occurring in the real world. I guess Christians have to accept the new norm! But to sweeten the pot for the extremist, the Canadian Parliament is about to make it certain that nobody talks about the reality of the Muslim extremist, upon pain of prosecution.

To add meat to the bone, the left has coined any dissenters as being an Islamophobia, and this is the new rallying cry for the Muslim extremist.  It is just to bad that Justin and his cadre have bought into this agenda and are handing Canadians rights over to the extremist. Failing to look at the relationship of moderate Muslims that currently exist in Canada is a downfall of the Liberals. Canada is home to every type of religion known to man, and our Constitution protects all equally.  Apparently that is not good enough for Liberals, as they are supporters of the globalist and extremist. The reality, which obviously offends Muslim extremist, as moderates have never been offended by and have chosen to come here and co-exist, is that we are a Christian nation, albeit we do not hold any higher moral, legal or ethical position in the eyes of the law then any other religion, they seek to be above all and the only religion.

So where does this leave us when we have a government that is not responsive to the people, and give preference to one religion over another. Canadians need to be informed of the reality of the world we live in.  Never take your rights for granted, because as we can see the Liberals are never above selling out to the globalist and extremist for votes and favors.  Also lets not forget about the numerous Muslim Extremist that have attempted to and have been successful of attacks in Canada, we are not immune from their violence, and improper vetting and open boarders will definitely increase attacks upon Canadians.







Compare and Contrast, President Trump and Prime Minister Trudeau

At a recent town hall meeting in Halifax, Prime Minister Trudeau alluded to the fact that he and President Elect Trump are similar in what they are doing.  The reality could not be further from the truth. While President Elect Trump is in a tax cutting, job growing, and slashing needless spending mode, Prime Minister Trudeau is moving in exactly the opposite direction.

From the outset of his election, Pres. Trump has singlehandedly acquired more commitment from businesses to return to the United States, the creation of more jobs and investment in the American economy than anyone thought possible.   Prime Minister Trudeau, in a town hall meeting in Peterborough, Ontario served notice on investors and current businesses that he plans on phasing out the country’s most profitable natural resource sectors, oil.  Further his government’s implementation of a carbon tax, is going to drive business out of the country and also ensuring that no new business will ever come in, as they won’t be able to afford to operate.

As Pres. Trump calls for a tax cut for all, PM Trudeau is increasing tax on everyone.  Besides being hit with the carbon tax, and it is nothing more than a tax, Canadians are also taxed on this tax. Unbelievable a tax on tax.  Further PM Trudeau’s government is now looking to tax some of our small enjoyments, Netflix.  His government has also confirmed that they are now looking at imposing a tax upon medical and dental. Who knows what other tax will be in the February budget?

Pres. Trump has clearly signaling that feeding at the trough is over for many big business and foreign entities. PM Trudeau has taken the opposite approach and has been busy handing over so much money to other nations and international organizations that he must have carpel tunnel syndrome from signing cheques. If this was not bad enough, PM Trudeau has done the unthinkable.   He has taken a surplus budget that was left by the previous Conservative government, and has turned it into a 30 billion dollars deficit, which is expected to grow drastically during his remaining 3 year term. A large portion of this borrowed money has been doled out to many   international countries, the United Nations and other international organizations.  Some recipients have been Vietnamese farmers, house building in India etc.  How any of this is remotely connected to a return on investment for Canada is anyone’s guess.

A hugh concern for citizens of both nations is immigration.  While Pres Trump plans on curtailing Americas open border with Mexico, by building a wall, he also has stated that his government will be implementing stringent vetting of immigrants, for security reasons. PM Trudeau has no such plans.  His government plans on increasing immigration from Muslim nations.  For some reason our government is focusing on bring in more Muslims, and not necessarily from Syria as we were told, but from other areas.  Canada has no viable policy on vetting and is not planning on implementing any. 

Canada has now been cast into a future of uncertain. PM Trudeau agenda is not Canada’s agenda.  He is too committed to the agenda of the globalist and elites and Canadians are going to pay for this election mistake.

Have You Got A License For That Stove!

The great political minds of the city of Montreal have taken environmental concerns to a whole new level.  So concerned with the environment is city council, that on August 18, 2016 they raised the bar of insanity by passing a bylaw requiring everyone in the city of Montreal to register all wood burning devices by December 22 or face very stiff fines. For those that fail to comply, fines range from first offense $100 to 500 all the way to third and subsequent offense where they can hit $4000.  Now I heard of registering motor vehicles, pets, bicycles, business, etc., but a wood burning device, is a new one.

Once again the average citizen is being forced to pay for the globalist agenda and the red hearing called climate change. Don’t feel convinced that this is a money grab, think back to 2015, in the same city, when city council approved the dumping of 8 billion liters of untreated raw sewage into the St. Lawrence River, and never paid a penny for the environmental impact that this caused. This action was sanctioned by the same Federal Liberal government, who today has imposed a carbon tax upon Canadians, and is slowly going to dismantle Canada’s oil fields. I guess it is easy to look the other way for friends.

While this current law is Quebec only, you can rest assured that environmentalist across the country will soon be on the band wagon nationwide to have this added to the liberal agenda. Justin’s phasing out program will soon include the forest sector with the oil fields.

Canadians need to wake up and organize against the globalist agenda, which lines their pockets and deprives us. Climate change is not a new phenomenon, the climate always changes, look at the ice age.  What is new is how governments have turned this natural occurring phenomenon into a gold mine for themselves and the elites.

The time is now to inform ourselves about the great hoax of climate change and resist the insane tactics that is ruining our country.

The End of Canada

One thing Canadians are learning from Justin’s “Re-Engagement Tour,” is that he is clearly in over his head as the leader of Canada.  The most damaging misstep that Justin could make was made on Friday January 13, 2017 in Peterborough, Ontario when he failed to realize the power of the office he holds, and made the horrific comment that “We can’t shut down the oil sands tomorrow. We need to phase them out.” This single comment was a dagger in the heart of the economic engine of Canada, and is fatal.

If Western Canada had any hopes of a kick start to the oil fields, they are now out of luck. Justin’s comment has just served notice on future developers, potential exploration companies, investors in Canadian natural resources, the stock markets the Canadian economy, and the world, that we are now entering the beginning of the end of Canada as we know it.

As it was not already bad enough with the carbon tax, which is crushing Canadian families and driving businesses either out of or away from investing, the last hope of salvation for our country, through our natural resources has just been moved to the do not resuscitate list.

The irony is that while Justin will continue to phase out our oil fields, he will continue to buy oil from friends in the Middle East.  While the Arab nations will continue to prosper, and they must be laughing at us now, we will pay.  As President elect Donald Trump, unlike President Obama, is keen to get Canadian oil, and reduce American dependency on Arab nations, Justin has slowly began to close that door and turn the tap off.  What many may not realizes that Canada sits 3rd in the world of oil reserves, behind Saudi Arabia being 2nd and Venezuela being 1st. Justin’s comment has taken us out of the market, and ensured that the world’s oil supply will continue to richen the Arab nations.

Canada now sits at a juncture of slipping to a nation of rich and poor. Justin has drank the cool-aid of the globalist and elites, and is single handily going to destroy our economy.  The only possibility that remains for Canada to come out from under this globalist agenda is either a President Trump pressuring Justin to quickly rethink his position or a vote of non-confidence in his government, which would require liberal MP to break from party line and vote against one of his confidence bills, and that is not to likely to happen.

Sadly Canadians are living in the final days of the end of a Canada that we have come to know and prospers under. Canadians need to unite and fight this policy or forever pay the consequences. The end of Canada has begun.

Justin’s odyssey – From little Potato to Onion

On a recent trip to China, the Chinese gave Justin the nickname ‘Little Potato.” Apparently in China his name sounds close to the mandarin name for potato, and little is because he is the son of Pierre Trudeau. (Huffington Post 09/06/16)  While he is proud of this nickname, to us he is more like an onion, bringing  constant tears to our eyes.

Justin burst onto the political landscape riding the coat tails of his family name.  Promising to do great things for the middle class family, the average worker, and Canadians as a whole, because after all, he pushed the narrative that he was just like the rest of us.  Sadly many bought what he was selling, and our eyes have been watering ever since.

Justin had the opportunity to do great things, but failed.  Pre-election he stated that his government would run a deficit of 10 billion dollars a year, as money was cheap to borrow. This money was going to be used to kick start the Canadian economy.  The reality in the first year of his 4 year mandate is quite shocking.  His first year deficit tripled, approx. 30 billion dollars, with the banks reporting a deficit of 150 billion dollars over the next 5 years. (Huffington Post 03/01/16)  That’s a far cry from the 10 billion a year, when you consider they started government with a surplus of 7.58 billion from the Conservative Government. (CTV News 3/22/16)

A quick check of media sources on the internet shows just some of the places our tax dollars have been going internationally, and where we get nothing in return.

2.65 Billion – Aid to developing nations to fight climate change, 1.6 Billion – Over 3 years towards security, stabilization and humanitarian in Middle East, 785 Million – Over 3 years to fight HIV, Malaria Tuberculosis, 200 Million– Rebuilding Iraq Economy, 150 Million – Aid Projects in Afghanistan,  100 Million – Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, 64.5 Million – Humanitarian Aid to UN, 54 Million – To Haiti, 25 Million – To Hamas group operating out of UN, 15 Million – Job training in Africa, 14.25 Million – Infrastructure in Indonesia, 13 Million – Vietnamese farmer, 3 Million – World Bank Transformative Carbon Asset Facility

None of the above represents the wasteful spending that has been inflicted by the many departments.  Items such as $800,000 for office redo, 12,000 for photographer in France, limo fares, trips all over the world, bar tabs on the jet, extravagant lunches, and many more failings for the Canadian tax payers. Sadly out of all the spending, very few jobs have been created, with the exception of two nannies for his kids. None of this even touches the issue of carbon tax, and the exploration of implementing a tax on medical and dental, what’s next.

The real kicker that just opens the flood gates to tears, comes from the logic of his government’s priority towards an international agenda. It is impossible to comprehend how one thinks that borrowing billions of dollars, then giving it away to international organizations, creating few jobs in Canada, and then sticking Canadians with the bill to pay off the loan is a bonus for Canadians.  Right now in Canada we have thousands of people who spend each night sleeping on the street, going hungry, families having to decide to either pay electrical bills or eat, and many Aboriginal reserves without proper drinking water, and yet our government’s priority is towards the globalist and the international agenda. I guess the meeting with the likes of George Soros, Hillary, the private millionaire’s party in California he attended, and a deep desire to be accepted by the United Nations is more important. Keep you tissues handy Canada, the onion has not been peeled all the way back yet.

No Identification Required, Vote Away

If you had any doubt in your mind about the destructiveness of Justin’s liberals, hang on, they are at it again.   Democratic Institution Minister Maryam Monsef, remember her, the Cabinet minister who could not remember where she was born, has just delivered the next blow to Canadian Democracy.

The law requiring voters showing up at polling stations to have appropriate photo identification is offensive to liberals. A roll back of Bill C-50 is what liberals feel Canada needs. Justin’s government is making it so that anyone showing up to vote without identification, will still be allowed to vote if they have someone from their own ridding vouching for them, how nice. I guess it truly is all about sunny ways.

In the world of liberalism, nobody lies, misleads, falsifies or is dishonest, and the liberals are proving it to us, leading by example. They have not lied to Canadians about the debt increase only going to be 10 billion dollars a year, it was just a small accounting error. On job creation, Justin did create a couple of jobs, he had nannies hired for his kids. On infrastructure, he has given out billions of dollars to help 3rd world nations, just not Canada yet, he is probably waiting till he gets us to 3rd world status. But they have been showing us the importance of friends, such as the type that can go to lunch with a cabinet minister for thousands of dollars a plate.  Great job Justin!

But I wonder if liberal ways work in the world we live in.  If stopped by police and asked for identification, I wonder if I can call a friend to vouch for me.  How about at the Post Office, trying to pick-up a delivery, can a friend just vouch for me?   We all know that a friend is not good enough for them at the border, for some reason they want a passport, maybe Justin’s liberals can send a memo to all border crossings that vouching is good enough.

Voting is one of the greatest privileges in our country.  All that is asked is that you be a citizen of the country, be of proper voting age, and have proper identification. These foolish rules have something to do with voter fraud, something the liberals do not believe will happen. Are they being naive in thinking voter fraud will not happen, or is there a bigger agenda.  I am betting that this is part of the bigger picture for the global agenda.  Consider immigration.  Open borders, bring in as many new immigrants as possible, especially around election time, called securing votes, and now they vote, with or without identification.  How about the burka controversy, no longer any reason to see the persons face, just vouch for them. The number one goal of globalist is to weaken democracy through liberalism, and their number one tool is immigration.   Justin’s liberals are on board 100%.

Why is our elected government not listening to the people?  Why do they choose to ignore Canada and Canadians and favor the globalist agendas?  Have Canadians asked for such a change in voting laws?  Have you ever heard anybody say it would be a good idea to just go in and vote without proving who you are, or even if you are a citizen, or resident of the ridding you are voting in?  Probably not, but you see Justin’s Liberals don’t care what Canadians think.  Canadians as well as all westerns hemispheric people believe that there are legitimate reasons to provide photo identification and do so without thinking.  Now thanks to the globalist agenda the most sacred part of our free world, voting in a democracy, is being manipulated and abused.  We the people will not forget!

Well it’s Official, the Trudeau Government is Ruining Family Trips to the Zoo

It used to be that a trip to the zoo was a fun time for the whole family, but now thanks to the Trudeau government that fun is taking a very serious turn towards political correctness.  If the liberals have their way, and changes are made to make everything gender neutral, no more males and females, how will a trip to the zoo go?

Consider this.  No longer being able to call a deer a buck or doe; a bear a boar or sow, a bee a drone or queen; a bird a cock or hen; bison a bull or cow, a cat a tom or queen; a chicken a rooster or hen; a goat a billy or nanny; a goose a Goose or gander; a horse a stud/stallion or dam/mare; a lion a lion or lioness; etc.  What will we do?

As silly as the above sounds, is as silly as the Trudeau governments plan to make everything gender neutral. We are a planet with males and females, there is no legislation that any government can pass that will ever remove that reality.  The Garden of Eden had man and women, remember Adam and Eve, or are they going to be edited out of books also.  Most dictators and despots do rewrite history to suit their agenda.

The Liberal extremist on the left, and I have to say extremist, because who in their right mind does not believe that we on this earth are males and females, are bent on destroying the reality of the world we live in. The narrative for this rebellious action is being pushed by the elites and globalist so as to divide mankind for their own greedy purpose. They float the ideas in their corporate media, that they own, and sit back and watch mankind dissolve into their hands.

The cry for equality use to be for acceptance, and for the most part, people in Canada do accept others for who they are. Be who you want, love who you want and dress the way you want, most people don’t care.  But to now try to legislate out of existence, the very basic of human life, male or female is absurd, besides how will I explain my next trip to the zoo.